Welcome, and thanks for stopping by to take a look at the photographs. Currently on view are Pacific, Motion, Evening, Air and Torrey.

Pacific is a collection of monochrome images from the Pacific coasts of California and Hawaii. The lead image in the set, Seaside Reef in the Rain, was featured in the Outdoor Photographer series "Behind the Shot." The story can be viewed here:


Photos in this gallery are included in a print exhibition entitled "Seaside Reef in the Rain and other images." The prints, made with Hahnemühle 308 Photo Rag paper, will be displayed from March 27 through May 22 by the City of Encinitas, California as part of its Civic Art Program. 

Nikon and Leica cameras and lenses were used to make the photos in this gallery. Filters were made by B+W and Singh-Ray. Camera support tools were from Gitzo, Arca-Swiss and Kirk.

The photographs in Motion are single, long exposures that relied on camera motion to produce the lighting effects in these images. Nikon and Leica cameras and lenses, along with Really Right Stuff support products and B+W neutral density filters, were used to make these photos.

Evening is a gallery of images made from sunset until deep twilight. Many of the photos feature alpenglow along the Pacific coast; a colorful cloud feature that appears several times a year, mainly in winter.

Prints of ten images in this gallery were recently donated to the University of California at San Diego, and are on display in the new cardiac wellness center at the university's Jacobs Medical Center. 

The photographs in this gallery were made with Nikon film and digital cameras, using Nikon lenses. Camera support was achieved using Gitzo, Arca-Swiss and Kirk products.

Air is comprised of images made at twilight when a woman released large soap bubbles at the beach in Cardiff by the Sea, California. A handheld Nikon camera with a Zeiss lens was used to capture the scene.

Torrey is a gallery of photographs made at the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve in San Diego, California. The 1,500 acre reserve is a beautifully conserved stretch of the Southern California coast, and home to the very rare Torrey Pine tree (Pinus torreyana). The photos in this gallery were made with Nikon cameras, and Nikon and Zeiss lenses. Camera support was provided by Gitzo and Arca-Swiss products

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